Explorer Bundle - LIFE: Evolution

Explorer Bundle - LIFE: Evolution

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CoreGame + Predator miniatures + Carnival Plants miniatures

Miniature includes:

x19  Carnival plants [Use when setup game]

x25  Predator miniatures [Boss of each Era]

x6    Origin Characters

x4    Player bases


Core game Includes:

x1   Gameboard

x1   Rulebook

x1   Event track

x2   Event mark

x4   Playersheets

x4   Player tokens

x59   HP tokens

x8   Cloth bags

x8   Dices

x44   Era-1 Tokens

x80   Era-2 Tokens

x34   Era-3 Tokens

x56   Era-4 Tokens

x54   Era-5 Tokens

x64   Bonus Tokens

x36   Event Tokens


 All components.

You can watch How to play and Gameplay here. Click Link